Why Join DKA?

DKA was founded in 1936 at the University of Southern California on the principles of fostering lifelong character and collaboration, mastery of creative storytelling, ethical and productive career practices, constant growth and learning, philanthropic action, and a value-based professional community by and between cinematic artists. Today the fraternity has grown to become the oldest and largest professional cinema fraternity in the world, with chapters at top film schools in the world, and with a large and growing list of prominent alumni. The people of DKA reflect the cinema community’s diversity and are united by a common interest of professional development in the cinematic arts and collaboration through strong moral character.

What is Recruitment?

Each Fall and Winter quarter at UCLA, DKA holds a Recruitment Week where each prospective member will submit a written application and attend a series of events (several public and then “by invitation only”) with current members of the organization. Recruitment Week is not facilitated as a means of disqualifying people, but rather it is a process of attracting and professionally evaluating candidates who would fit well in our organization. Also, DKA is not only for film students! We are proud to have members from a wide range of majors.

Please check back for more information at the beginning of Fall Quarter 2021!

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