Tangled & Frayed

DeKAs Involved:
Starring: Kaitlyn DeShon, Sura Tewolde, Juan Felipe Restrepo, Henrie Thompson, Julia Mueller, Aliyah Imani Turner, Gill Galbraith, Cole McCarthy, Jennifer Gould, Brandon Wilson, Maddie Southall, Kevin Ho, Pranshu Mishra, Maral Milani, Tyler Thomas Moore, Ashna Sharan
Producer: Mira Takamura
First Assistant Director: Rebecca Ki
Production Assistants: Caroline Comenho, Yoyo Wong, and Marie Pinnelli
Script Supervisor: Maddie Southall
Casting: Katie Ashwood
Location Scout: Carlos Espinoza
Director of Photography: Paige Callan
Gaffer: Kim Svatos
Composers: Cole McCarthy and Moollz
Pianist: Jeremy Richmond
Sound: Mo Dooley
Sound Mixer: Marcos Mena
Boom Operator: Hussain Naib
Recording Engineer: Cole Heramb
Production Designers: Henrie Thompson and Maddie Stratton
Editor: Katie Speare
Assistant Editor: Kaitlyn DeShon
Directed By:
Cole McCarthy
Written By:
Cole McCarthy
Tangled & Frayed

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