Dear Daniel

DeKAs Involved:
Starring: Sionne Elise and John Li
Extras: Henrie Thompson, Kaitlyn DeShon, Rebecca Ki and Mitchell Marino
Producer: Jaie Peshawaria
First Assistant Director: Rafael Perez
Second Assistant Directors: Carlos Espinoza and Miranda Wilcox
Production Assistant: Dean Tsalickis
Script Supervisors: Henrie Thompson and Nikola Stojcic
Casting: Sura Tewolde
Director of Photography: Cole McCarthy
Sound Mixer: Katie Speare
Boom Operators: Brian Cesson and Dean Tsalickis
Art Director: Arianna Nolta
Set Designers: Maddie Southall, Taylor Harper, Rebecca Ki and Sura Tewolde
Graphic Artist: Ariel Steinbach
Editor: Katie Speare
Assistant Editors: Paige Callan, Dean Tsalickis
Colorist: Harit Muttreja
Directed By:
Sam Han
Written By:
Sam Han
Dear Daniel

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