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Fall 2021 Rush

Hello potential new members!

UCLA DKA’s Delta Chapter is hosting a week of rush events for those interested in joining the fraternity!

If you love film, interested in learning more about it, or looking to be part of a group of passionate filmmakers, look no further! Our events are open to all UCLA students until the Blue Chip Dinner, which is invite-only. If you are serious about joining, please try to attend as many events as you possibly can so we can get to know you better! Additionally, rushing does not guarantee a spot in the fraternity, it is only the beginning of the recruitment process. 

Please visit the Join Us page for more information and to submit the rush application!

Professional Film Fraternity

The mission of Delta Kappa Alpha is to foster lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action, and fraternal bonds by and between students of the cinematic arts.
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Rihanna’s Argument for “Appreciation”

Amir Gold
January 21, 2021
Rihanna’s 2019 Savage X Fenty Show has been praised for its celebration of diversity in the fashion industry. By analyzing the power dynamics behind this performance, we can see where her team succeeded (and fell flat) in this celebration of equal representation.

Darkness Consumes Her

Ifeanyi Nwonye
December 9, 2020
This essay focuses on the portrayals of dark-skin Black women in Black horror fiction to examine the racial and gendered complexities of colorism in Hollywood.

Among “Us”

Ifeanyi Nwonye
December 8, 2020
After my second screening of “Us,” my mother pointed out how Adelaide’s character displays the inter and intra-personal conflict of Black people who benefit from “passing” as something they’re not. My article focuses on the interpersonal struggles that ensue when the privilege is weaponized.

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